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Virtual Patient Care Coordinator

Get stress-free healthcare with our personalized patient care coordinators, managing your practice smoothly for peace of mind.


Effortless Healthcare Coordination at Your Fingertips

Managing healthcare and paperwork is very stressful. Missed appointments, delays, and inadequate communication can harm patient outcomes. Our virtual care coordinator helps with communication and admin tasks and ensures smooth healthcare experiences.

Remote Patient Care

Improve Patient Care with virtual care coordinator

Virtual Patient Coordination Services

Improve your practice’s efficiency by letting our virtual coordinators handle routine patient scheduling tasks. Our coordinators will help your patients interact as if they were talking to your office staff. Our virtual coordination services include:

  • Comprehensive Digital Health Records
  • Remote Health Monitoring
  • Personalized Medication Management
  • Effortless Appointment Scheduling
  • Hassle-Free Billing and Insurance
  • Seamless Care Transition Support

The Perks Our Virtual Care Coordinators

We offer medical care online, making consultations and follow-ups easy for you. You patients can get medical care from home, saving time and energy with remote healthcare services.

Proactive Health Management
Cost-Effective Solution
Efficient Time Management
Improved Patient Care
Virtual Patient Care Coordinator
Efficient Healthcare Support

Enhance Your Practice with
Virtual Care Coordination Specialists

Improve your practice by hiring our virtual care coordination
specialists to reach a higher level of excellence.

Digital Scheduling

How Our Virtual Care Coordinators Keep Your Data Safe

  1. Extensive learning of medical terms and documentation
  2. In-depth teaching on HIPAA rules and following them
  3. Building a solid understanding of each client’s way of doing things
  4. Always focusing on getting the details right
  1. Regular check-ins on coordinator skills and performance
  2. Providing extra training and coaching when needed
  3. Carefully reviewing all notes and documentation
  4. Making sure work is complete and consistent across cases
  1. All work happening on encrypted, secure systems
  2. Multiple steps are required to log in and access
  3. Strict controls on who can access what
  4. Regular security check-ups to keep data safe
  1. One dedicated coordinator works with each provider
  2. Services customized to fit your preferences
  3. Coordinators get to know your specific workflows
  4. Consistent, efficient handling of your cases
Happy Clients

Providers Reviews

Great experience! The virtual assistant was adept at handling tasks, ensuring smoother workflows. A valuable addition to any healthcare team!

IMG_1339 - used1

Dr. Usmani


As a chiropractor, I highly recommend EZ MD Solutions for their outstanding medical billing and practice management services. Their virtual assistant is a game-changer, expertly managing patient intake and appointments. Their digital marketing services, including a free website, have significantly boosted my chiropractic practice’s online visibility. EZ MD Solutions is an indispensable partner for any chiropractic office seeking efficient and comprehensive practice management.

dr Craig (1)

Dr. Eymann


Exceptional service! Our practice witnessed improved productivity and patient satisfaction with their virtual assistant support. A game-changer for us!


Dr. Farhan

Primary Care Physician

Virtual Coordination

Hire Your Virtual Patient Care Coordinator in Four Simple Steps

Are you ready to improve your practice with a patient services coordinator? Follow the straightforward enrollment process:


Meet your company’s goals and requirements. We offer a personalized virtual care coordinator for your practice.

Customized Proposal

Get a detailed plan with services, technology, costs, and more. We handle all setup and integration.

Agreement & Onboarding

Finalize agreement details and commence onboarding. We train staff and transition patients smoothly.

Launch With Support

Get help anytime with round-the-clock tech support. Our team ensures everything functions properly, allowing you to provide better service.



A virtual care coordinator helps connect patients, doctors, and other healthcare providers. They use high-tech tools and websites to organize and oversee different parts of a patient’s treatment process.

Virtual scheduling makes it easier for patients to book appointments. It helps patients avoid long waits and missed appointments by letting them schedule healthcare visits when it works best for them.

Yes! Virtual care coordinators are essential for managing chronic conditions. Healthcare providers monitor patients closely and give quick care. They help people with long-term health problems with support and help. It makes sure patients get the help and attention they need.

Virtual care coordination services focus on security and following HIPAA regulations for patient privacy and data protection. We protect patient information and follow strict rules to keep it confidential.

Virtual patient care coordinators help healthcare providers in many ways. These coordinators use technology to make tasks easier, improve communication, coordinate care, and enhance patient results. The primary purpose of healthcare providers is to improve patient outcomes.

Still not convinced?

Reach out! We’re here to address your questions about our patient care coordinators services.

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