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Virtual Medical Billing

Boost your practice’s revenues and efficiency with our virtual medical billing services, California.

Virtual Medical Billing

Take the Stress Out of Medical Billing

Dealing with medical billing detracts you from patient care. Constantly submitting claims and appealing denials drains your time and mental energy. We handle all your billing and aim to increase payments while reducing stress, helping you succeed financially and operationally.

Simplify Billing

Virtual Medical Billing For Healthcare Practices​

Receive Payment Faster with Our Medical Billing Services

Let our virtual assistant medical billing take care of your medical billing so you can concentrate on giving exceptional patient care. We provide services to make your administrative tasks more manageable and ensure that money comes into your practice smoothly.

Our experienced medical biller virtual assistants are fluent in the recent laws and coding procedures. Our secure online platform gives real-time access to your reports and claims data while ensuring HIPAA compliance.

Our medical billing services include,

  • Electronic Claims Submission
  • Eligibility Verification
  • Procedure Coding
  • Diagnosis Coding
  • Patient Billing and Collections
  • HIPAA Compliant Platform
  • Denials Management
  • Appeals Management

Benefits of medical billing virtual assistant

Hiring a virtual assistant for medical billing solutions allows your practice to hand off administrative work and get specialized help. Our customized support blends right into your current workflows, acting like part of your team.

We train our assistants on the codes and rules specific to your work. Whether you provide family care, mental health, chiropractic, or other speciality services, we have deep experience tailored to you.

Our medical billing assistance gives you the following:

24/7 Availability
HIPAA-Compliant Security
Tailored to Your Speciality
Increased Productivity
Virtual Medical Billing
Efficient Healthcare Support

Add Our Billing Pro to Your Team

Our specialists handle coding and claims, freeing you to focus on patient care. Click to get a virtual assistant for billing now.

Secure Monitoring

Why Choose Our Medical Billing Services

Your medical practice’s success depends on efficiently managed billing and reimbursements. Here are some key reasons to choose our medical billing services:

  1. Thorough analysis of your existing workflows
  2. Tailored solutions based on your speciality, size, and needs
  3. Customized dashboards and reports for transparency
  4. Ongoing optimizations to match your growth
  1. Seamless EHR and accounting system integration
  2. End-to-end RCM consulting and implementation
  3. Enhanced cash flow and reimbursement rates
  4. Detailed revenue cycle analytics and insights
  1. Scale capacity seamlessly as your needs grow
  2. Maintain accuracy despite volume fluctuations
  3. Quickly onboard new locations and providers
  4. Flexible plans to meet dynamic demands
  1. Stringent data security protocols
  2. High-grade encryption of patient data
  3. Role-based access control of systems
  4. Regular third-party audits ensure compliance
Happy Clients

Providers Reviews

Great experience! The virtual assistant was adept at handling tasks, ensuring smoother workflows. A valuable addition to any healthcare team!

IMG_1339 - used1

Dr. Usmani


As a chiropractor, I highly recommend EZ MD Solutions for their outstanding medical billing and practice management services. Their virtual assistant is a game-changer, expertly managing patient intake and appointments. Their digital marketing services, including a free website, have significantly boosted my chiropractic practice’s online visibility. EZ MD Solutions is an indispensable partner for any chiropractic office seeking efficient and comprehensive practice management.

dr Craig (1)

Dr. Eymann


Exceptional service! Our practice witnessed improved productivity and patient satisfaction with their virtual assistant support. A game-changer for us!


Dr. Farhan

Primary Care Physician

Seamless Integration

Hiring Your Virtual Medical Billing in Four Simple Steps

Ready to transform your practice with a convenient virtual medical billing assistant? Follow our simple onboarding process:


Discuss your practice needs and goals. We recommend a customized medical billing assistant package that benefits patients and providers.

Customized Proposal

Receive a detailed proposal of services, technology, costs, and more. We handle all setup and integration.

Agreement & Onboarding

Finalize agreement details and commence onboarding. We train staff and transition patients smoothly.

Launch With Support

Go live with 24/7 technical assistance. Our team ensures the system works so you can deliver improved care.


Answers to Your Common Questions

Virtual medical billing services streamline your billing processes, reduce errors, expedite reimbursements, and free up your valuable time for patient care.

Yes, our virtual billing assistants are well-versed in medical coding regulations and ensure full compliance with coding guidelines during the claims process.

Yes, our denial management expertise significantly reduces claim denials through meticulous claim submission, extensive documentation, and tailored appeals if necessary.

Simply contact us to discuss your specific requirements, and we will guide you through the onboarding process, ensuring a smooth transition to our virtual medical billing services.

Absolutely! Our team has extensive experience in handling Medicare and Medicaid claims alongside various insurance providers.

Still not convinced?

Reach out! We’re here to address your questions about our virtual virtual medical billing services.

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