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Remote Chronic Care Management Services

Empower chronic disease patients with our personalized remote chronic care management and remote patient monitoring (RPM) services.


Seamless Remote Chronic Care Management for Your Practice.

Need help to keep up with the demands of effective chronic care management? Our comprehensive remote care management service streamlines chronic care delivery, freeing your clinicians to focus on exceptional patient care.

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What Services Do Our Chronic Care Managers Offer?

RemoteCare Makes CCM Easy

Managing chronic conditions can be challenging, but our chronic care managers are here to make it easier. Our Remote Chronic Care Management (CCM) solution allows our care team to provide expertise and support to you wherever you are. Our dedicated team is available to help you, no matter your location.

Our virtual chronic care management solutions provide comprehensive services tailored to your needs. These include,

  • Medication management
  • Monitoring and chronic care management services
  • Lifestyle Counseling
  • Real-time Health Tracking

The Benefits of Our Chronic Care Managers

Our chronic Care Managers are critical in assisting healthcare providers in treating patients with persistent medical conditions. They act as a connection between the patient and the medical professionals, allowing for better care coordination.

Healthcare professionals can use virtual chronic care management to focus on medical treatment. This system helps with patient engagement, education, and monitoring. It allows more efficient use of the healthcare provider’s time and resources.

Below are some of the major advantages of the CCM program for medical professionals:

Enhance Patient Engagement
Reduced Healthcare Costs
24/7 Access to Care and Support
Improved Patient Outcomes
Virtual Medical Receptionist Benefits
Efficient Healthcare Support

Connect with Our Virtual Chronic Care Experts Today

Collaborate with our virtual care team to offer personalized and continuous support to your patients. Avail our services now.

Remote Care

Why Choose Our Remote Chronic Care Managers?

  1. We provide customized virtual care for your patient’s health needs and goals
  2. Our dedicated Care Managers get to know your patient as a person
  3. We offer personalized support to help your patient manage their condition
  4. Together, we’ll create a partnership focused on improving their wellbeing
  1. Our Chronic Care team has experience and extensive training.
  2. We provide evidence-based guidance to optimize patients’ health
  3. Our specialized knowledge allows us to offer reliable, expert support
  4. You can have confidence in the reliable care we offer
  1. We’ll provide ongoing, personalized check-ins from your Care Manager
  2. We’ll be here to help your patients between doctor visits
  3. We’ll always be available to address patients’ questions or concerns
  4. Our comprehensive care extends beyond just the clinic setting
  1. We’ve documented improvements in managing patient symptoms
  2. We’ve seen higher medication adherence and better self-care habits
  3. Our approach leads to enhanced quality of life through more effective care
  4. We have measurable outcomes demonstrating our positive impact on patients’ health
Happy Clients

Providers Reviews

Great experience! The virtual assistant was adept at handling tasks, ensuring smoother workflows. A valuable addition to any healthcare team!

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Dr. Usmani


As a chiropractor, I highly recommend EZ MD Solutions for their outstanding medical billing and practice management services. Their virtual assistant is a game-changer, expertly managing patient intake and appointments. Their digital marketing services, including a free website, have significantly boosted my chiropractic practice’s online visibility. EZ MD Solutions is an indispensable partner for any chiropractic office seeking efficient and comprehensive practice management.

dr Craig (1)

Dr. Eymann


Exceptional service! Our practice witnessed improved productivity and patient satisfaction with their virtual assistant support. A game-changer for us!


Dr. Farhan

Primary Care Physician

Seamless Integration

Hiring Your Remote Chronic Care Manager


Identify your needs and goals in hiring a remote chronic care manager during the consultation call.

Customized Proposal

Craft a customized proposal outlining specific strategies tailored to your unique requirements.

Agreement & Onboarding

Solidify the partnership through an agreement and seamless onboarding process.

Go Live with Support

Transition smoothly into implementation as you go live with dedicated support from your chronic care manager.


Answers to Your Common Questions

Remote chronic care management uses technology like telehealth and remote patient monitoring to provide care from a distance. Patients can visit their healthcare providers virtually, get ongoing support, and monitor their vital signs remotely.

Virtual consultations are as effective as in-person visits for managing chronic conditions. Healthcare providers can assess patients, provide care, and address concerns through video calls.

The frequency of virtual consultations depends on your needs and your care plan. Typically, patients have regular check-ins to ensure continuous care and monitoring.

Remote care managers do not have the authority to prescribe medication. However, they collaborate with healthcare providers to ensure proper care, which includes managing medications and refills.

Yes, remote chronic care management follows strict HIPAA guidelines to ensure the highest data security and confidentiality level for your health records and personal information.

Still not convinced?

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