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Imagine running your Los Angeles medical practice with smooth efficiency and laser focus. That dream becomes a reality with Virtual Care Assistant. Our skilled virtual assistants efficiently handle administrative tasks and workflows, freeing you to focus on patient care.

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Benefits of a Virtual Assistant for Healthcare Practice

Our VMA can help your medical practice in many ways, such as, 

Say goodbye to scheduling headaches and paperwork mountains. Our VAs expertly manage appointments, handle medical records, and tackle other time-consuming tasks, freeing you from meaningful patient interactions. Imagine longer consultations, improved focus, and even taking on more patients!

Ditch the overhead associated with in-house administrative staff. Our VAs offer specialized expertise at flexible rates, making them ideal for established and growing practices. Invest more in inpatient services and technology and create a thriving environment.

Imagine organized scheduling, accurate appointment summaries, and readily available providers. It is the magic our VAs bring! They also enable convenient telehealth options, further boosting patient satisfaction and loyalty.

Empower patients with round-the-clock access to scheduling, records, and test results. Our VAs ensure seamless communication and prompt responses, building trust and convenience in your practice.

Regulations can be intricate and ever-changing. Our VAs with dedicated medical knowledge keep you on top of evolving requirements, freeing you to focus on delivering exceptional care. Avoid costly penalties and ensure peace of mind.

Seamless Healthcare Support Solutions

Virtual Healthcare Support Services in Los Angeles

Medical practices have unique administrative needs. Our virtual assistant in California, Los Angeles helps healthcare providers meet specialized requirements. Our services include,

Virtual Medical Receptionist

Virtual Medical Receptionists in Los Angeles

Our professionals in Los Angeles handle all patient calls, schedule appointments, collect information, and ensure efficient handoffs to providers.

Virtual Medical Billing

Virtual Medical Billing specialists in Los Angeles

Our billing experts accurately assign codes, submit claims, follow up to maximize collections and stay current on insurance changes and Los Angeles regulations.


Virtual Medical Coders in Los Angeles

Our coders guarantee accurate ICD-10 and CPT code assignment to prevent reimbursement delays or penalties and keep updated on coding changes and protocols in Los Angeles.


Virtual Medical Scribes in Los Angeles

Our scribes in Los Angeles accompany providers into patient visits, accurately document the encounter in real time, handle data entry and coding, and free up the provider to focus on delivering quality care.


Remote Patient Monitoring services in Los Angeles

This service in Los Angeles allows chronic disease patients to easily upload health data from home that is tracked to provide better care and quickly identify any needs for intervention.


Telephone Triage Assistants in Los Angeles

Our triage assistants efficiently assess patient symptoms, provide appropriate self-care instructions, and schedule appointments, preventing unnecessary visits in Los Angeles.


Virtual Patient Care Coordinators in Los Angeles

Our coordinators are a single point of contact for patients to streamline referrals, prescriptions, appointments, and payment in Los Angeles to enhance their care experience.


Virtual Telehealth Specialists in Los Angeles

Our telehealth specialists in Los Angeles manage the technology, connectivity, documentation and coding to allow smoother visits focused on care delivery.


Remote CCM Care Managers in Los Angeles

Our managers develop and oversee chronic care management plans and coordinate care services, medication adherence & lifestyle changes in Los Angeles to deliver better health outcomes.

Why us

Why Choose Our Virtual Medical Assistant (VMA) in Los Angeles,CA

Virtual Care Assistant delivers tailored virtual support solutions for healthcare providers in Los Angeles. Our specialized services are designed to help local practices succeed.

Virtual Patient Care Coordinator

Dedicated LA-Based Teams

Virtual Patient Care Coordinator

Specialized Healthcare Expertise

Virtual Patient Care Coordinator

Compliance Assurance

Virtual Patient Care Coordinator


Choose the proven Los Angeles, California specialists at Virtual Care Assistant to elevate your practice today!

Seamless Integration

How VirtualCare Assistance Works?

Streamlined Onboarding

Virtual Care Assistant makes it easy for your Los Angeles practice to start with customized virtual help.

Step 1: Setting Up Services

Step 2: Linking Existing Systems

Complete Customization

We flexibly adapt our virtual assistant services to meet the specialized needs of Los Angeles healthcare providers.

Step 1: Tailoring to Unique Requirements

Step 2: Flexible Service Bundles


Answers to Your Common Questions

Our virtual assistants give Los Angeles businesses more time to focus on growth by handling administrative tasks. We offer specialized expertise tailored to your industry for maximum efficiency.

Yes. Our virtual assistants receive extensive healthcare, legal, marketing, or industry training. We customize our support so assistants have relevant skills to manage industry-specific needs for Los Angeles clients.

You can easily communicate with our Los Angeles-based assistants in real time via phone, email, instant messaging, or virtual meeting software. We integrate assistants into your existing systems for seamless collaboration and oversight when needed.

Absolutely. One benefit of virtual assistance is quickly scaling capacity and adding new services. As your Los Angeles business evolves, we make it simple to expand the hours, services and assistants assigned to your account. Our pricing is customized accordingly.

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Client Testimonials

Medical Practice Success Stories

After outsourcing administrative work to Virtual Care Assistant’s skilled virtual assistants, I have more availability for patient visits. It has increased my practice’s capacity by 20% while maintaining exceptional care standards.

Dr. Miranda Wells

Family Medicine Doctor

Next-Level Patient Experience

My team can now focus fully on delivering compassionate care during visits rather than documentation. Virtual Care Assistant has been critical for boosting quality time with patients.

Theresa Chang

Nurse Practitioner

As a chiropractor, I highly recommend EZ MD Solutions for their outstanding medical billing and practice management services. Their virtual assistant is a game-changer, expertly managing patient intake and appointments…

Dr. Usmani


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